Sunday, April 30, 2006

Abstract Detail

Untitled, Oil on Muslin, 4 x 4', ©ander. All rights reserved.

I got a notice regarding my 30 year high school reunion. I've yet to attend any of these "self-promoting", "gossip mongering", "clique-ish" forums. I choose to be part of the blogosphere instead.

This painting was created 31 years ago. It is part of my private collection. I was a year shy of my high school graduation. This piece hangs in the living room of my parents' home.

It is part of a series during my "cosmic" phase. I used gravity as the method to form the shapes and texture on the surface. Muslin was the best material to use to get the kind of results I was looking for. It was light and very forgiving.

Using warm and cool colors allowed the versatility of opposites to work simultaneously. I seldom go towards monochromatic schemes.


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